Commit 9cc0d27a authored by David Stainton's avatar David Stainton

client: fix bitrot

parent 7ece0152
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......@@ -61,14 +61,13 @@ func (p *Panda) Exchange(log func(string, ...interface{}), id, message []byte, s
var rawRequest []byte
enc := codec.NewEncoderBytes(&rawRequest, &p.jsonHandle)
wantResponse := true
p.log.Debugf("PANDA exchange sending kaetzchen query to %s@%s", p.recipient, p.provider)
msgRef, err := p.session.SendKaetzchenQuery(p.recipient, p.provider, rawRequest, wantResponse)
msgId, err := p.session.SendUnreliableQuery(p.recipient, p.provider, rawRequest)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
response := new(common.PandaResponse)
reply := p.session.WaitForReply(msgRef) // XXX blocking
reply := p.session.WaitForReply(msgId)
dec := codec.NewDecoderBytes(bytes.TrimRight(reply, "\x00"), &p.jsonHandle)
if err := dec.Decode(response); err != nil {
p.log.Debugf("Failed to decode PANDA response: (%v)", err)
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