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Katzenpost Mix Network Client Library
This client library is general purpose in the sense that it can be used to
build arbitrarily complex messaging systems using Katzenpost. However note that
right now it only supports strict SURB based query response protocols to
interactive mix network services. These services can be written in any langauge
and plugged into the Providers. Furthermore this client does not yet perform
any retransmissions if a packet gets dropped by the mix network.
travis tests
Travis tests may sometimes fail if they take too long.
gitlab CI tests
Our gitlab tests are located here:
optional docker tests
......@@ -22,10 +41,7 @@
A couple of minutes after startup run the tests like this:
GORACE=history_size=7 go test -v -tags=docker_test -race -run TestDockerClientBlockingSendReceive
GORACE=history_size=7 go test -v -tags=docker_test -race -run TestDockerClientBlockingSendReceiveWithDecoyTraffic
GORACE=history_size=7 go test -v -tags=docker_test -race -run TestDockerClientAsyncSendReceive
GORACE=history_size=7 go test -v -tags=docker_test -race -run TestDockerClientAsyncSendReceiveWithDecoyTraffic
GORACE=history_size=7 go test -race -v -run Docker
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