Commit 23816327 authored by David Stainton's avatar David Stainton

Add Loopix traffic parameters to pki doc

parent d131305a
......@@ -49,18 +49,20 @@ var (
type Document struct {
// Version uniquely identifies the document format as being for the
// specified version so that it can be rejected if the format changes.
Version string
Epoch uint64
Version string
Epoch uint64
SendRatePerMinute uint64
MixLambda float64
MixMaxDelay uint64
SendLambda float64
SendMaxInterval uint64
MixLoopLambda float64
MixLoopMaxInterval uint64
Mu float64
MuMaxDelay uint64
LambdaP float64
LambdaPMaxDelay uint64
LambdaL float64
LambdaLMaxDelay uint64
LambdaD float64
LambdaDMaxDelay uint64
LambdaM float64
LambdaMMaxDelay uint64
Topology [][][]byte
Providers [][]byte
......@@ -180,12 +182,16 @@ func VerifyAndParseDocument(b []byte, verifier cert.Verifier) (*pki.Document, er
doc.SharedRandomValue = d.SharedRandomValue
doc.Epoch = d.Epoch
doc.SendRatePerMinute = d.SendRatePerMinute
doc.MixLambda = d.MixLambda
doc.MixMaxDelay = d.MixMaxDelay
doc.SendLambda = d.SendLambda
doc.SendMaxInterval = d.SendMaxInterval
doc.MixLoopLambda = d.MixLoopLambda
doc.MixLoopMaxInterval = d.MixLoopMaxInterval
doc.Mu = d.Mu
doc.MuMaxDelay = d.MuMaxDelay
doc.LambdaP = d.LambdaP
doc.LambdaPMaxDelay = d.LambdaPMaxDelay
doc.LambdaL = d.LambdaL
doc.LambdaLMaxDelay = d.LambdaLMaxDelay
doc.LambdaD = d.LambdaD
doc.LambdaDMaxDelay = d.LambdaDMaxDelay
doc.LambdaM = d.LambdaM
doc.LambdaMMaxDelay = d.LambdaMMaxDelay
doc.Topology = make([][]*pki.MixDescriptor, len(d.Topology))
doc.Providers = make([]*pki.MixDescriptor, 0, len(d.Providers))
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