Commit 14aedb6e authored by masala's avatar masala

Remove bootstrap condition from pki fetch response

Return ErrGone, there is no bootstrap for current epoch.
parent 63fa791d
......@@ -1218,13 +1218,6 @@ func (s *state) documentForEpoch(epoch uint64) ([]byte, error) {
now, _, till := epochtime.Now()
switch epoch {
case now:
// Check to see if we are doing a bootstrap, and it's possible that
// we may decide to publish a document at some point ignoring the
// standard schedule.
if now == s.votingEpoch {
return nil, errNotYet
// We missed the deadline to publish a descriptor for the current
// epoch, so we will never be able to service this request.
return nil, errGone
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