Commit 4f5b9016 authored by Nikolay Amiantov's avatar Nikolay Amiantov

dnscache service: fix bug with several assigned DNS servers

(cherry picked from commit 98270cb95939600f26f227fc40c73406b91c4d94)
parent bc0bcf32
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ let
${concatStrings (mapAttrsToList (host: ips: ''
${concatMapStrings (ip: ''
echo ${lib.escapeShellArg ip} > "$out/servers/"${lib.escapeShellArg host}
echo ${lib.escapeShellArg ip} >> "$out/servers/"${lib.escapeShellArg host}
'') ips}
'') cfg.domainServers)}
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