Commit 24212520 authored by Renato Alves's avatar Renato Alves Committed by Bjørn Forsman

mailutils: fix path to sendmail for local mail delivery

Re-apply patch originally introduced in 23da6f9c ("mailutils: fix
for sendmail path"), fixing regression introduced in 27a9ef87
("mailutils: fix build break").

Fixes #21008.
Closes #38708.

[Bjørn: modify/extend commit message.]

(cherry picked from commit b2b44c9e9fbcfe1215cceec68a062e1fbbd80710)
parent d72aa275
{ stdenv, fetchurl, fetchpatch, autoreconfHook, dejagnu, gettext, pkgconfig
, gdbm, pam, readline, ncurses, gnutls, guile, texinfo, gnum4, sasl, fribidi, nettools
, python, gss, mysql }:
, python, gss, mysql, sendmailPath ? "/run/wrappers/bin/sendmail" }:
p = "";
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ in stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
readmsg-tests = stdenv.lib.optionals doCheck [
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