Commit 1a72330a authored by John Ericson's avatar John Ericson

cc-wrapper: Utilize patched cctools ld for more robust macOS Sierra hack

Also fix numberous bugs, such as:

 - Not getting confused on more flags taking file arguments.

 - Ensuring children reexport their children, but the original
   binary/library doesn't.

 - Not spawning children when it turns out we just dynamically link
   under the threshold but our total number of inputs exceeeds it.

 - Children were always named `libunnamed-*`, when that name was
   supposed to be the last resort only.

ld-wrapper's own RPATH check hardcodes `.so`, but darwin uses `.dylib`
*and* (in practice due to lousy build systems) `.so`. We don't care
however because we never inject `--rpath` like that in practice on
Darwin. Hopefully someday we won't on linux either.
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